The summer of  2001 brought about some changes to the usual off season training schedule of Alexei Mishin's students. The training session was moved from Jaca to the ice rink of Majadahonda that is located in the suburbs of Madrid. The rink  is the home of the Club Hielo Citibank Majadahonda that was built primarily for Spanish figure skating and ice hockey in 1996.  In 2001 it hosted the Ice Hockey World Championship (2nd division) and shortly  after,  the regional figure skating championships "Mavisan" among the skaters who represent the main Spanish clubs. Later, a Russian figure skating coach Alexei Mishin was invited to direct the summer skating course  for the first time at the Majadahonda ice rink. Skaters from the local clubs as well as Alexei  Mishin's students will continue working on new programs.  They are going to hold two gala exhibitions on August 4th and 18th. The cast will include the newly crowned World Champion, Evgeny Plushenko, a relatively new addition to Mishin's team, a former  student of Victor Kudriavtsev -Elena Sokolova, Russian junior skater Andrei Griazev as well as the two-time Spanish National Champion  Jon García, Rachel Lyor (Israel) and other skaters from  Austria, United Kingdom, Belgium, USA, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, Netherlands and Italy. 


European Youth Olympics
Igloo Club Skaters with A. Mishin and A. Khil 
Special congratulations to Juan Legaz!!!
Laura Fernández and  Juan Legaz, current Junior National champions, were members of the Spanish team at past European Youth Olympic Days in Bled (Slovenia). Both are the main promises of our figure skating, and they corroborated it getting the best results of the Spanish team.
Laura got 14th  place after the SP but her marks at the FP, between 3.5-3.8 for technique and 3.6-4.2 for presentation  put her 16th , and she finished in the same place as final result.
Juan, who is also doing a good season with strong programs and performances, was the pleasant surprise getting  a brilliant 6th place after the SP. At the FP he was able to maintain his wonderful skating and was 7th,  with marks between 4.2-4.6 and 4.3-4.8. 
Juan finished in a superb 6th place! 
This merit gave to him the honour to be the flag bearer in the closing ceremony.

Figure skating is now on the move in Madrid. In a just few years it has become the main contributor of young skaters into the national team.
I come from Madrid, and Iím very glad to see the increasing number of débutantes, novices and juniors. At this moment there are five clubs from Madrid region (Igloo, Majadahonda, Leganés, Legahielo and Boadilla) which usually participate in national and are beginning to compete at international events along with the clubs from Barcelona, Vitoria, Jaca and San Sebastián. 
This success comes from the great effort and enthusiasm of the skaters, their families, coaches and the fans that support this beautiful sport. Still, thereís more to accomplish, specially speaking of companies support to maintain figure skating in Spain.
 More photos and info on Igloo Sports Club to come as soon as their official  website is completed.
By Paloma
Photo courtesy of Igloo Club 


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