First Exhibition Review

   The first exhibition scheduled for Alexei Mishin summer stage in Majadahonda became a pleasant evening for fans. 19 skaters from England, Israel, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Italy, Austria, Russia and Spain, delighted the audience. The crowded ice rink had a chance to see skaters in junior and senior categories and ejoyed their performances.
In my opinion, the level shown at the exhibition has increased and developed with years.
The men representing Belgium, England and USA got some of the big ovations of the evening  for their performances, as well as junior and senior ladies. 
It´s a great pleasure to see how the Spanish skaters are improving year by year, besides the technic, their expression and musicality is highly increasing. The skaters Javier Margaret with ahis short program to Dixie music, pieces from “Madamme Butterfly” for Laura Fernández performance, and Alibel Alegre, show a promising future  for Spanish figure skating. 
Elena Sokolova, Andrei Griazev and Rachel Lior  participated twice in the exhibition. At first, both Elena and Andrei skated to some kind of Arabic music  and in second part Elena did her “Masquerade” program and Andrei performed  to“The Barber Of Seville”. The best word that express Elena´s skating is elegance. Dressed in a black bodysuit with brilliant adorns, her movements and sensibility impressed the fans. From summer stages in Jaca, we have the chance to see Andrei´s  development in figure skating. In the present, jumps and figures shine for more in this skater, his  "Barber Of Seville" program transformed him into a pompous character performing. Rachel Lior, who is training with Mishin since a year ago, skated  to one of the most beautiful musics of"Don Quijote" by Minkus.
Evgeni Plushenko appeared last, as the main star. He went on to the ice ,into big silence, looking very serious, then all of a sudden looked at the people with a big smile. He performed the program "Once Upon A Time In America." There weren´t difficult jumps, but it doesn´t matter becouse it is even more expressive when seeing the program live. Once again he let people  ask for a bis and skated to Michael Jackson medley, the unbelieveable fast  footwork in Billie Jean part got the night's biggest ovation.
Exhibition review & photos by Paloma 

Evgeny Plushenko
Elena Sokolova
Andrei Griazev
Javier Margaret
Fauve Snauwaert
Michaela Groch
Rachel Lior

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