Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin

Mishin's thoughts on Ladies' progress

"It doesn't matter who you were,
it only matters is whom 
you have become."

Brief interview to NS

Summer '01 interview

Approach to coaching 
& choreography

Photo by Koichi Nakamura

"After taking tons of interviews with him, I'm still amazed at his stubborn preference for classical music, confidence and unchanging goodwill towards reporters."

Elena Vaitzekhovskaya, Sport Express

 "He is not only a talented mentor, but also a very decent, kind and smart person. In work and life he  leaves an impression of a 25-year-old. He does everything I do - jogging, jumping, playing tennis. It's even quite unclear which one of us gets tired first."

Evgeny Plushenko

Some Biographical Data

Year of birth: 1941
Education: Ph.D in educational science  (dissertation topic: Skating jumps)
Present position: Professor, Department Chair  at Lesgraft Academy of Physical Culture St. Petersburg, Russia.
Accomplishments: Honored Trainer of Russia,  Merited Master of Sports
Competitive history:    Tamara Moskvina/Alexei Mishin
Current Students: Evgeny Plushenko, Elena Sokolova, Tatiana Basova, Andrei Lutai, Artur Khil'
Former Students:Alexei Urmanov, Yuri Ovchinnikov, Vitaly Egorov, Tatiana Oleneva (now Mishina), Natalia Strelkova, Anna Antonova, Ruslan Novoseltsev, Alexei Yagudin, Oleg Tataurov, Maria Bubenikhina, Soltan Kokoev, Andrei Griazev, 

Alexei Mishin on Work and Sports

- How do you  menage to combine coaching along with duties of the department chair at Lestgaft Academy? 

-Actually it's helpful to combine the two. Science and modern sports are closely related, but I should mention  my colleagues who help me a lot with academic responsibilities. Professor Aparin in particular.

-Are you satisfied with your training facilities right now?

-I have no complaints. Today I would estimate the conditions as good. 

-Would it be easier to work in the West?

-I just love to work and live in Russia.

-Did you follow the Sydney Olympics? What do you see in the future for the Russian sports? Is it bleak?

-I enjoyed everything that happened  at the Olympics, except for the unsuccessful start of our team, of course. Later they were able to catch up with good results, that's why I wouldn't  explain the slow beginning as the overall situation in the National sports.  Regarding its' future I will only say that I believe in the talent of the Russian people and our athletes.

Kirill Kozhemiakin, Severnyi Forum 10.24.2000
 Cartoon courtesy of A. N. Mishin
Please don't reproduce it

Date of birth: March 8, 1941 and I have no complexes associated with that day.

Nickname:Don't have one because my mom and dad gave me just the right name.

Distinctive features:  Not tall, no great hair.

Marital status:  Married. My wife Tatiana is also a figure skating coach; both sons, Nikolai and Andrei, play tennis.

Car:  "Mercedes"

Hobbies:  From time to time I have a new hobby. Once I've become a radio amateur, then I was into fishing. I even had a certain success in gardening: some plants that I moved from one place to another for 4-5 times somehow managed to survive. Lately I've been thinking about viticulture and want to give it a try.

 Favorite book:  ”Woe from Wit”(a satirical verse comedy by Alexander Griboedov). Probably, I’ve read it at an age when my perspective on life was ready to comprehand it. By the way, my mother and sister are teachers of Russian Language  and Russian Literature. It also helped and I guess that’s why I was able to appreciate the genius of Griboedov. 

The funniest episode in your life: I don't often get into such situations.

Dream: I wish to do as much as possible.

Motto:  "We only dream about rest."

Irina Vasilieva, 21 Sport

Photo courtesy of Hiroko and Isao Immortal Beloved Alexei

Alexei Mishin with his youngest student Artur Khil at practice in Spain, photo courtesy of Igloo Club, Spain