Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin interview to Northern Stars

     A few words from Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin during the Figure Skating Summer Course in Majadahonda, August 2001.
We would like to thank him for  all his interest in our site, attention, sense of humor and kindness. Alexei  Nikolaevich kindly spared his free time between lessons answering our questions. Of course, we had a lot more to ask but his schedule was very tight and here are some of the questions . In a pleasant atmosphere he also helped us with information, photos, gave autographs and funny sketches to use on Northern Stars. We really appreciate it.

The web masters of Northern Stars wish Alexei Mishin and his students the best of  luck in the new season!!!

Q: Evgeny is scheduled to skate at the Goodwill Games, was it your and Evgeny´s choice to start the Olympic season that early and go to Brisbane?

A.M. We paid a lot of attention to the Olympic Games but we are not afraid of Olympic Games. I have seen the other skaters, his rivals are afraid. Evgeny is not afraid of anybody.

Q: St. Petersburg newspaper  had mentioned that Evgeny gave you a puppy on  your anniversary.

A.M. I have a picture of this dog with me. Now, in six months, it´s 35 kg. It´s really nice looking and its name is Eva.

Q: Alexei Urmanov is focusing his career on coaching , will he continue skating? We  also found out about his newborn twins  last month.

A.M. He will continue skating.  My wife and I bought him a stroller for the babies, a very good stroller for twins.

Q: How do you see the present situation of skaters and figure skating in Spain?

A.M. I´ve seen that the knowledge of Spanish coaches is even better than some from other countries, but you have to create a good figure skating building. You need in many aspects support of the governments, support of the sponsors, more interest to the skating from the general public, more beginners, more ice arenas. That´s why Spanish still are not the best, not good enough.

Q: Jon García, the Spanish National Champion, is one of the participants in this course, what would you emphasize about him?

A.M. He´s one of the most elegant among the male skaters that I ever met. He´s  a good one.

Q: Spain is represented in only two disciplines, ladies and men. What should be done for  pair and dance schools?

A.M. You need to have more singles and refuses of the singles  that will go to pairs and dance. Because, this is my formula: if you´re not good enough to be a single skater, you should go to pair skating, if you´re not good in singles and pairs, you should go to dance, if you´re not good enough for the singles, pairs and dance, you should go and teach, if you´re not good for singles,  pairs,  dance and for the teaching, you should be a judge, if you´re not good for singles, pairs, dance, teaching and judging you should be an official, and if you´re not good enough for singles,  pairs, dance, teaching,  judging and for official, you should be a president.