Elena Sokolova's life and training in Moscow

Q: Do you often want to cry?
-No, I am not that kind of person. I don't show my feelings. Of course, if I am happy, I can't hide it, but if it's not so good, I keep my emotions to myself or share with my mom who just lives for me.

Q: What traits you would never accept in a person?
 - It seems to me that if you love someone you have to accept that person along with all his merits and shortcomings. Everyone has shortcomings and should be loved for them as well.

Q: It is said that one recognizes a real friend in happiness.
- No, it doesn't work for me. One should rely on a friend always and for everything. I wouldn't forgive anybody who turns his back on me at a difficult moment.

Q: Have you changed your image?
- Not at all! Once on the way home from practice I was in a bad mood and decided to cut off my long hair. It's always given me a lot of trouble anyway, by getting loose from my "ponytail." Now there is no problem - just comb and go. Many people told me that I look older now. That's good. I am tired of looking like a fourteen-year-old kid.

Q: Two years ago you said that you wanted to be a diplomat and represent Russia...
- I do represent my country, but at competitions. It's already a lot. Honestly though, yes, I had such idea. The time will tell. You have to study a lot for that, meanwhile I will continue skating. I study everyday anyway! Practice- institute- practice- home. That's how I spend my day. What else can I do?  I don't want to be ignorant, it's important to be an educated person. 

Q: Why did you switch coaches?(from Marina Kudriavtseva to Victor Kudriavtsev)
-Of course, Marina Grigor'evna  and I had conflicts. Such things happen. I was with her a bit too long and I needed a new motivation in my skating. I would say, we parted on friendly terms. She still designs my costumes and choreographs my programs. Actually, I easily make changes in my life and don't regret about that. 

Q: Do you live in the present?
-Yes, but I also think about the future. I am sure that everything will be all right. What would I be in ten years? The same as I am now! I will skate as long as I can. This is the only thing that I can do really well. Someday I'll be a mom and this is wonderful. That's for later, though. 

Q: Only two years ago you were saying that you are not interested in relationships but now Oleg Ovsyannikov has appeared in your life.
- We have rarely seen each other before because I was a junior and didn't "hang out" in the senior circle. Of course, I admired him: "What a wonderful skater!" but no more than that. Love always comes suddenly, it can come all at once. He is a great guy and it doesn't really matter that he is ten years older. He seems to feel younger with me and makes me feel young and pretty. 

Interview by Marta Balashova
Sport XXI
Photo by Koichi N.