Elena tells a bit more about herself, her hobbies, dreams...

Date of birth: Was born on February, 15,1980 in Moscow.

Distinctive features: Pretty 

Marital status: I'm not married and I don't even want to think about it before the Olympics in Salt Lake City. 

Car: VW-Golf 

Hobby: I just don't have time for that. 

Spare time: Movies, crosswords, spending free time with friends. 

Favorite food: Ice cream. 

Favorite drink: Juice. 

Favorite movie: "The Barber of Siberia" by Nikita Mikhalkov. 

Favorite movie director: Nikita Mikhalkov 

The last novel that you have read: "An American tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser. 

The most memorable moment in your life: I hope it's still to come. 

The funniest story in your life: A couple years ago I went to the ice rink with my friends. Just for fun. I skated for a while and then some man said to me:
"Miss, if you practice just a little bit harder, you can enroll into a figure skating school." It was so funny! Especially, when I showed him my I.D. 

Dream: A dream is supposed to be a secret. 

Motto: "The best is yet to come!" 

Interview by Artem Tatarinov. Sport 21
Photo courtesy of Engis.Ru