The World Champion's First Interview

 Q:  Zhenya, are you disappointed that you didn't get any 6.0s for your long program?

-I didn't expect such high marks with Todd Eldredge and Tim Goebel still to skate after me. The judges left some room for them in case they would be better technically or in presentation. 

 Q: Are you planing to increase the difficulty of your programs for the Olympics?

-Certainly. I'm working on quad salchow and probably will do it along with a quad toe loop. 

 Q: Did you believe that you would be the World Champion someday?

-Of course. When I was very little I used to watch figure skating on TV.  It was Victor Petrenko who later became the Olympic medallist. I watched him and thought: "This guy is great, I also want to skate like him and win the Worlds."  Now my dream came true.

 Q: You've skated to the technically less demanding version of your program. Didn't you want to show all the super elements that you can do?

-Alexei Nikolaevich told me to go only for one quad, without trying to make any records. We didn't want the gold medal to turn into silver or bronze one. 

 Q: Were you scared before the final performance?

-No, not at all. It was difficult but I was trying not to think about skating. I was at the pairs final and saw how underappreciated Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze's performance was. I was so disappointed for them. 

 Q: Is it true that your mom never watches you skating in competitions?

-She does but only on TV. That's a sort of tradition in our family. I see how my parents are always worried while watching me skate that's why we decided that they would root for me at home. As you can see, it works quite well.

Excepts from interview by  Daria Srebnitskaya, Sovetsky Sport