About this site...

      This site is dedicated to one of the best coaches in figure skating, Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin, and his students. While there are many wonderful sites on figure skaters, there aren't many, if any at all, on coaches who definitely deserve it for their work and contributions in national sports. Since there is very little information abroad about Alexei Mishin and his group, we'd like to give their fans the opportunity to read more about their points of views on life, sports and figure skating as well as great and, sometimes, not so great moments in their careers. An interview seems to be the best way to do that, since it gives the skaters and coaches a chance to speak for themselves.

There are two sections to this site, one is for their native city of St. Petersburg, Russia, where Alexei Mishin and his students live and train most of the year and the other section is about Spain. Jaca has been a summer training base for Mishin's group of students for a number of years where Alexei Nikolaevich also consults Spanish and other European skaters. Last summer his figure skating course has been moved to Spain's capital -Madrid.  In 2000  Spanish company "Gallina Blanca"  joined some national companies in sponsoring figure skating in Russia. This site is also made in appreciation of the successful partnership that gives an opportunity for Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin to work with his students in Madrid and Jaca and, at the same time, promotes this beautiful sport in Spain.

We hope that our site will keep developing and growing over  the time. It's not only going to be updated with the recent news but we will continue working on design, profiles and our archive. However, since we are both busy with our student's lives, studies, exams, work, travel , other interests, etc. it might take us some time to do so. Please also keep in mind that English is not our first language: we try our best, but a few occasional bloopers might appear from time to time. Eventually, we  are planning to add two versions of this site in our native languages, Russian and Spanish.

Most photos are taken by Paloma at Jaca & Majadahonda Exhibitions. We are also very grateful to  Koichi N., Kazushi K., Carmen E., Shimako T., Eriko, Hiroko and Isao for their wonderful photos.

 If you have some interesting information, reports or photos that would suit well with this site we would definitely appreciate it. Feel free to contact us via e-mail. 

Liza and Paloma