Jaca summer Stage, exhibition of 17th August 2002

As years before, Alexei Mishin has come to Spain for a Summer Stage, and this year, it was again in Jaca. This weekend, I was there with a friend, and we stayed at the exhibition gala.

I have to say, that for me, it wasn’t as good as other years… I missed so much some skaters like Andrei Griazev, Yon García, Elena Sokolova or Kevin Van der Perren, that hasn’t come this year…

Anyways, there were some other good skaters too.

The list of participants was:
1st part:
Mikaela  Groch (Austria)
Javier Fernández (Madrid)
Joëlle Bastians (Holland)
Patricia García (Madrid)
Cristian Rauchbauer (Austria)
Sharon Resseler (Holland)
Paul Tomsen (England)
Karin Braudstatter (Austria)
Rebeca García (Madrid)
Arthur Kltill (Russia)
Jordana Blesser (USA.)
Zoltan Toth (Hungary)

2nd part:
Wing-Yan Cheung (Belgium)
Sonia Lafuente (Madrid)
Andreas Fuch (Austria)
Nathalie Van Uffelen (Holland)
Marian Mohajer (USA)
Adrian Schultheiss (Sweden)
Karen Venhuizen (Holland)
Cristina Di Natale (Italy)
Ari Zakarian (Russia)
Laura Fernández (Madrid)
Pierre Balian (USA)
Evgeny Plushenko (Russia)
Just a few minutes before the gala started, Adrian Schultheiss, from Sweden, decided not to perform, because he suffered a little injury during the warming up.
Then, it started.
From Spain, my favourites  were Laura Fernández (Junior champion this season) and Sonia Lafuente.
From the rest of the countries, I specially enjoyed Zoltan Toth, who has improved a lot since last year, or at least, I liked him much more… he did one of his new programs.

And the three Russians: this year, we saw at the exhibition Evgeny Plushenko (as always), Arthur Kltill, and Ari Zakarian.

Arthur Kltill is the new student of Mishin. He is just 9 years old, and is very small!! Like a doll!! Hehe. He skated a program with music of Charlie Chaplin movies… nothing special, very typical, but anyways, it was funny to see this little boy representing Charlie Chaplin.

Ari Zakarian, was one of the last, and he perform a comic number… but I really didn’t like it at all, because I saw him one week ago, at training sessions, and he make such a great step sequences, that I thought he was going to make something like that on his program… but he won’t. But he did one thing I loved… some kind of spread eagle, the same as Ilia Klimkin does. I hope pics are enough good, so you can see it.

Evgeny did his new short program. It was good, I liked it, but I suppose he still have to improve it, and probably it will be very different as the season goes. He wore just black trousers and white shirt. No gloves with this costume ;) Unless he plans to do the biellman in one of the combinations, he didn’t on the exhibition… we will have to wait for the next competition…
BTW… about the music, I am sorry, but I don’t know what’s the one he uses :S just that is a piece of classical music.

And that was all, more or less… 


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