Profile & Exhibition Review

Jon Garcia 
Date of birth: 02.07.79
Started skating: 1991
   Hometown: San Sebastián
   Club: Txuri Berri
Coach: Jonathan Levers
Profession: Student
Hobbies: music, computers
2-time Spanish National Champion 1998 & 2000



World Championships 2001

Jon Garcia didn't qualify for the Short Program at Worlds, he had a bad draw and skated in the strongest qualifying group with great competitors as Evgeny Plushenko and Todd Eldredge. Jon had a good start but then his nerves betrayed him, first in the double 
axel and then in the triple lutz. He recovered with a good step sequence and figures but put his hand down on the triple salchow, which made him loose his concentration again. At the end, Jon landed a hesitant triple toe, although he completed a double loop and final spin correctly. The marks ranging from 4.0 to 4.3 in both technique and presentation confirmed the bad news. 

Review translated from 

Jaca Exhibitions summer 2000

Jon became a pleasant surprise for Spanish fans at last exhibitions in Jaca. He wanted to perform despite his injury. We were thankful to him because he showed us two brilliant programs.
We saw a skater who enjoys what he's doing and connects with the audience. He has both, artistry and technical elements... Jon is great skater and a dancer at the same time.

Jon about his skating  at the Spanish Nationals

"I'm happy with my performance because I did as I expected. Not  all of my jumps were clean and well landed, I did have some faults, but it is very difficult to skate the whole program flawlessly.  Now, I will take some time off to recover and then, start getting ready for Worlds, little by little."

Photo, translation & review by Paloma  Quote courtesy of Nuria García

Competitive History*

Events  1997-1998  1998-1999  1999-2000  2000-2001
World Championships . .  37th .
 European Championships  .  .  37th  .
 Junior Worlds Championships . .   32th .
European Youth
Olympic Days
 10th  .  .  .
Grand Prix,
St. Gervais
 .  5th  .  .
Mexico Cup,
Mexico City
 .  7th  .   .
Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf   .   .   .   20th

* Work in progress, competitive history not yet complete!